Shoplifter: The Rise in Retail Theft

Retail Theft Rises, Driven by Online Reselling
This is a short, obvious article about retail theft (shoplifting) and the amounts it has risen since economic hardship hit the world. Everyone gets hurt, but with billions being stolen and resold online, there is a problem. The interesting move is by these stores pushing legislation to make retail crime a federal offense. Yes, it hurts the stores, which hurts the employees, and further hurts the economy in this way–but can’t we just red flag them, cripple their credit score, and/or just give them some time in jail? I think community service programs that utilize their thrifty fingers would also be useful, like pulling weeds, picking fruits, or sorting coffee beans. Today, I will look forward to my shoplifter crowd, so I can discuss the rise in retail theft and what may soon be a federal offense. Now that is entertainment.


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2 Responses to “Shoplifter: The Rise in Retail Theft”

  1. unknowntheartist Says:

    I would pay to watch your conversations with your shoplifters.
    You inspire me to get to the floor as soon as I see these idiots and be all over them like white on rice.
    I actually managed to scare a couple out the other day by hovering close for 10 minutes straight. LPOs in our store were able to take photos of them for their watch list and followed them right out of the store. My store didn’t lose anything that day and I will do all in my power to make sure it doesn’t again at least on my watch.

  2. memoirsofretail Says:

    Haha, get them!!! Get them all! If I had more free time, I’d probably go to the flea market and look for stuff for me, and then go harass them with my camera. I have to write my story tonight, they got in before I could see them. *Snorts* I just know the main rule is never to accuse them of stealing, everything else is fine. Haha.

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