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Men’s or Women’s?

May 22, 2010

I’m standing there marking-down products, and a woman calls out to me, she’s about fifteen-feet away.
“Hey, excuse me,” she waves at me, “Are these men’s or women’s?” She tugs on some pants hanging in front of her. Next to her, and around her, are women’s mannequins. There are dresses right next to her, and women’s cardigans and pink bermuda shorts. You can guess what gender these pants are for.
“Women’s,” I reply.
“These aren’t men’s? Are these men’s or women’s?”
“I said they are women’s pants.”
“So they are women’s? They aren’t men’s?”
“Those are women’s clothes.”
“Oh, so this isn’t men’s. This is women’s?”
“Yes. It is women’s.”
Really? Really.

Customer Type: The Riddler