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Gifts for Five

December 21, 2009

A woman comes to the cash register with eight tops in different sizes, colors and styles, and piles them up.
“Would you like gift receipts with these?”
I wait, since people usually say if they want it for certain items, or in groups, or all separately. She just stands there and looks at me.
“Do you want them all separate, one gift receipt for each item?”
“Hmm, okay, do you want them in groups?”
Again I wait, but once more, she just looks at me. I get a little tired of this weird game, so I randomly arrange the items into four piles: one item by itself, two piles of two, and a third pile with three tops.
“So like this?”
She nods, and says, “Yes.”
So I continue the transaction. After printing gift receipts, placing them with each stack, I ask if she’d like four boxes.
“No, I want five boxes. Two for these, and one for this, and this, and this.”
Hmm, good luck giving four gift receipts to five people.

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