I started Memoirs of a Salesperson, because working in retail really opened my eyes to the state of the world we live in. Originally, I started work in retail because I wanted to learn humility, I wanted to work around and be exposed to what friends called the ‘average’ everyday people. All my friends told me not to do it, don’t work retail. I now see how right they truly were.

In the beginning, when I was still meditative, calm, and centered–an evolved person–I would go to work and be untouched by even the most rude, insulting, and aggravating of customers. I would always help them, be kind, and end with a smile.  I would never complain or think about them after they left. This was so evident that one coworker even said, “What are you on? Because whatever it is, I want some, too.”

But as weeks turned into months, slowly the customers began beating into me like Chinese water torture. Drop, after drop, after drop–each rude customer began gnawing away at my resolve. I soon realized it was impossible to remain evolved, separated, and aloof when surrounded by so many irritating, demanding, stupid, and snotty customers who thought that the dollar they had given them the right to act like and say whatever they damn well pleased, as if money was the most important thing in the world–it isn’t. No matter how much money you have, you have no right to treat someone like a slave, to degrade them and belittle them to make yourself feel better or greater or grander. Perhaps high-end stores accept it, because those people sign-up and apply to bow before you, because they get something called commission–they get extra pay to deal with the grief you offer on top of your luxury, leather handbags.

I believe the way people act in retail stores is a sign of the state of society and where we stand in terms of capitalism and evolution. The fact people can’t give respect and dignity to another human being is insulting. The fact people think their money makes them higher is mind-blowing. I believe Hobbes would be the one to say, in the natural state we are all made of flesh and bone, we are all killed by a rock to the head, a gunshot to the heart, we are all human, thus we are all equal. It is our society, our culture that redefines just how human we really are. It is only an extension, an accessory on top of all that we truly are–human beings. People really need to learn this before our society and world can move forward and evolve into a true state of total equality.


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