What Size is that Mannequin Wearing?

A woman approaches me, because she wants a small-sized, purple shirt off a mannequin. I ask if she wants to look at the other colors, because we have several great colors to pick from.
“No, I don’t want another color. I want this color.”
I shrug, since she doesn’t want to even look at the other colors. I figure she really likes the purple color. So I strip the mannequin, putting the arms aside. I find the closest shirt right next to the woman, in small-size, and I place it on the mannequin. Mind you, it’s right next to her hanging. As I’m putting the arms on, the woman stops me.
“Wait, sorry, what size is that one?”
“I want that one, too.” She laughs. I chuckle a little with her, saying okay. I pull the arms off again, and hand her the shirt. She stands there watching me. So I get another shirt, small-sized, and I start to put it on.
“Excuse me, again, what size is that one?”
“It is small,” I sigh.
“Oh, can I have that one, too? Sorry, I’m being such a bother.” She laughs, and I just remind her there are several colors of these shirts right next to her. She just stands there watching me, and doesn’t move.
“Okay,” I whisper under my breath. So I get another shirt, I put it on, and guess what? Yes, she wants it. This time, I decide to just get a totally different shirt. Thankfully, she’s not interested in this shirt, and takes her collection away, as I finally slip the arms of the mannequin back into place.

Customer Type: The Blind, Micromanagement


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6 Responses to “What Size is that Mannequin Wearing?”

  1. whatidesiredtosay1 Says:

    You know, you are MUCH too intelligent to be in retail where you have to constantly interact with people who just don’t get it. Is there a reason you choose to remain in retail?

  2. memoirsofretail Says:

    Hmm, several years ago, after trying for a decade to find ways to evolve society, I gave up my life of leadership and sitting with corporate business people, and I retired myself away from life. I decided to face humanity to gain some humility, to understand why it’s so hard to make the world a better place. I’m still pretty young, but I’m not really interested in what society has to offer me. Haha. So I just have a simple job, so I can write and create during my free-time. Haha.

  3. weight Says:

    i see what you did there

  4. Adelle Centeno Says:

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