Faster Than A Speeding Salesperson

I once had a customer come up to me with his wife, saying, “We’re looking for tank tops.” Okay, sure, that works. So I find ribbed tank tops, asking, “Is this what you’re looking for?”
“No, I want black ones.” I was pointing at the white ones, so I understand.
“But is this the right style?”
“Yes, I want black.”
So I point at the very next row–right next to it, “The black is right here.” Yes, some people are color-blind I’m sure, he could have thought they were red or green tank tops.
So he picks through the packs, then tells me, “They don’t have my size, I want medium.”
“Okay, I will have to look in the back for it, so I’ll show your wife her tank top, so she can look at it.” Since they were both looking for tank tops, I wanted to make sure they both found what they needed, before I went into the back, so I don’t need to make multiple trips. Reasonable, no?
I take the husband and wife to the front of the store, and I show her black tank tops–by now, I know they both want black.
Then the husband looks at me and says, “Did you get my tank top, yet?” Okay, I’ve been standing next to you the entire time, I haven’t magically divided my body into two people. Nor did I realize I was superhuman, able to move so fast you don’t even realize I’ve gone and returned. At one time, I rated him as one of the dumbest customers I’ve ever had.

Customer Types: The Dumb


2 Responses to “Faster Than A Speeding Salesperson”

  1. david michel Says:

    people are stupid

  2. AnTiViRuS Says:

    keep it real, iight

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