ESP- Extrasensory Sales Person

Today, I had a customer that wanted to try some size 6 and 8 pants, because she didn’t know what size she wanted. So I was helping her try different sizes and colors. So she’s down to size 6 pants, and another co-worker goes and gets pants for the woman. I ask what sizes she’s getting, and she tells me, “Size 6.” So I go and do other things, letting my co-worker handle things.

Several minutes later, I come back and she tells me, “The girl got the wrong length, I need this one longer.”

Okay, so I go and get her a longer pair of size 6 pants.

She takes it, looks at it, and looks at me. “This is the wrong size, I needed a size 8.”

Yeah sure, I totally knew she moved back up to size 8s. Not. I’m supposed to know this automatically? This wasn’t even a Liar saying, “You got me size 6, I said size 8.” Sometimes I have to remind myself, people with lower intelligence is the reason society and the world is the way it is–simple, clean and clear is impossible when dumb people need the confusing, stumbling, and unclear.

So I get her the size 8 pants, in the longer length, and another co-worker starts to help her, so I happily go away this time. I return to the fitting room, only to find the woman waving at me. The pants are too big, she wants the size 6 back. My coworker sees me looking for pants and asks why, and I tell her, “I’m looking for the size I originally gave her, because I know my women and the sizes that work for them.”

You know, because I have ESP.

Customer Type: ESP


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