Sales Gone Wrong.

I don’t like cashing very much. You have to work with people one-on-one at the most volatile of situations, with not hope of escape, unless they ask for a manager. I find it especially confusing when you try to offer people a better deal and they are aghast as if you just slapped them in the face.

We have promotions on items where usually you buy two for $20, then we increase it to three for $20 or four for $20. We generally place a huge sign on the tables with those items that says, “Limited Time, four for $20.” Though, the tags will always say two for $20, the table sign will overrule it temporarily.

So I scan in the items they bring and tell them, “If you get one more, it will be $20 for all four.”
The man pulls out the tiny tag and tells me, “It says two for $20.”
“And there was a giant sign on the table that says four for $20,” I pause for a moment, “But, I can just give it to you two for $20 if it makes you happier.”
Of course, they don’t take that deal, and run back to get the two additional free items.

We have had two-for-one sales recently. Many people don’t hear or read the promotion until they reach the cash registers. Once there, I tell them, “You can get a second one for free.” As before, we split the savings between the two items, so they are still worth something. (Especially if you’re getting a gift, you don’t want to give someone something worth $0.)

So my customer gets the second, free item after searching for several minutes. I show them the discount, which confuses them, and they say, “I don’t want it, take it off.” So I do, and the original item goes back to full-price.
“Okay, it’s the same total.”
They stare at me for while. And again, I tell them the second item is free. And again, they decide they want the free item.

A woman exchanges a shirt, which is now on promotion, so they are cheaper. The item she buys costs less than the item she returned. This I tell her before I finish the transaction, then I say, “Okay, I’m giving you $5 back.”
She looks at me suspiciously, “Why?”
“Because the item you just bought is on promotion.”
She stares at me for a while in disbelief. “Why am I getting money back?” I’m thinking to myself, “Well I can just raise the price so you get nothing…”

Customer Type: Agreeing to Disagree, The Blind, The Deaf

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