I’m standing there, amused, watching a coworker slaving over this one older, white woman. She’s making him get dozens of sizes, different colors, and different styles. All this is done while she’s standing there, not moving one step–it’s like she’s taken root to the floor. He’s standing barely a foot away from her, talking to her, helping her, and she’s just grabbing and pushing back different pieces of clothing. After about fifteen minutes of this, she goes to the register to pay.

I am folding a table, when I hear, “HELLOOOOO? HELLOOOOOOO? YOU THERE! HELLOOOOO?” And I turn, and see the same old woman waving at me, speaking in a rude tone. “Aren’t youuuu the one that was helping me?”
Oh. My… This coworker weighs about fifty pounds less than I do, is a totally different nationality and skin-color from me. We have different body-shapes. We have different hair-styles. We have different clothes on. We are wearing different colors. We don’t even look the same. And he helped her for fifteen minutes straight. No, woman we aren’t the same person!

The old woman shakes her head at me as if I did something wrong. “Helloooo?” She’s holding a pair of pants shaking it as well, obviously she doesn’t like something and thinks it’s my fault. The cashier is looking at me with a frown.
I yell out the other coworker’s name, saying, “Your customer is looking for you!” I don’t even bother to use the walkie-talkie, I just yell.

Wow, someone slaves helping you for long time, and you don’t even know what they look like? Good job! No wonder society can’t evolve properly.

Customer Type: The Blind, Modern Slave-Owner, The Racist


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